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Our DiscoIQ suite is an integrated set of standards-based tools for collecting, analyzing, and acting on your information. Supported information governance and management scenarios include structured and unstructured data cleanup and migration, migration between content management systems, eDiscovery early case assessment and processing, regulatory audits, records management policies enforcement and Big Data analysis and actions, and more.

DiscoIQ‘s rigorous compliance with open standards provides transparency and easy integration with third-party tools.

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CentralCollab is a lightweight, secure, cloud-based application that allows any team to collaborate efficiently. Oproma understands that every team manages its projects differently. Users should not have to change the way they work in order to use a collaboration tool.

By using CentralCollab to centralize information, team members can collaborate more easily with internal and external partners, end clients and other stakeholders.

Claustrophobia AStamp out any feelings of claustrophobia

« We are now in a world of growing information chaos. Today the disparity and unknowns that exist within information is massive. But we have come a long way.

We used to talk about information, and information value, but now we hear much more about information chaos.  For many information holders – the information is now creating a sense of claustrophobia.

What are the risks?  The risk that you don’t have the information you need to do your job.  The risk that someone breaches your security and takes something – and you don’t even know what is was.  The risk that you are relying on the wrong information. The risk that you are sharing with others that which ought to be protected. The risk that what you provide to your employees is inadequate for them to do their jobs – and they create a shadow IM disaster.  The risk that your digital landfill is too big for you to manage.  The risk of the cost of how long it takes you to find what you need. The risk that all of your efforts to deal with the mess will make it worse.

If you think about the three ways people talk about Information, Information technology, information management, and information governance, everyone talks about management, technology, and governance, but the common term in all of this is “information”.

If understanding information is your goal, then your objective needs to be one of “active information governance”.  An enterprise need to treat information which has been defined as having significant value, as an essential business asset, it needs to be recognized across the organization as having real meaning, purpose and value.

Information governance recognizes that there are new skills, new approaches, and new objectives in the effort to deal with information. A proactive approach is needed to address the constantly swelling information.

Don’t forget about veracity – People tend to remember volume, variety, versatility, and volatility of the data but neglecting veracity of your results, can prevent an honest assessment of information and its true value. Your analysis and truthful understanding of your assets will result in a new approach and new objectives around information and its value.  Let’s look at alleviating the risk with a “veracious solution“, DiscoIQ.

The skill sets to tie into Information initiatives are changing with Active Information Governance and big data. With your new skillsets, a proper IG strategy, and the right solution, you will have a firm and thoughtful understanding of your information, its value, and order moving forward.

Oproma and DiscoIQ is the right Active Information Governance solution for you. »

Marc PageauPresident & CEO, Oproma Inc.

Expert Services

Oproma Professional Services delivers world class solutions to our customers.

Our experienced team balances insight and innovation with a pragmatic approach to achieving our customers’ business objectives. Oproma’s team have the right combination of experience and training to guide our customers in the implementation of sophisticated information governance solutions.  Our dedicated experts render specialist services in information management, content management and migration, email clean-up and migration, eDiscovery, data discovery, search-based application, and collaboration solutions.

The Oproma team has the technical and business know-how to deliver sophisticated Information Governance and Information Management solutions.

Why Us?

Oproma has been delivering secured private cloud solutions for more than fourteen years and we are experts in web-based collaboration.

Our Information Governance practice is led by a management team with a combined 50 years of experience delivering excellence.

Oproma is committed to our customers. Our professional services teams work closely with our clients to achieve their objectives and this commitment to customer experience is maintained through dedicated post-delivery support.

“I believe that customer experience is the key business differentiator, so at Oproma we strive towards creating and keeping customers for life” – Marc Pageau, CEO

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