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About us
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About Oproma.

We help companies take control of their data!

So you can base decisions on up-to-date information — saving time and money along the way.

Our mission.

Our mission doesn’t stop at “managing” it.

We empower you to make the most of your digital assets in a secure, structured, and trusting environment.

Meet the leaders organizing Oproma.

Marc Pageau
President & CEO
Shawn Cruise
Chief Revenue Officer
Fraser MacKenzie
Chief Technology Officer
Dan McNaughtan
Chief Operating Officer
Tony Marinelli
Robert Proulx
Simplify your data.Simplify your data.Simplify your data.
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Our partners push us further.

Our philosophy fuels us.

YOUR DATA IS YOURS. We’re here to help you understand and share your content in a secure environment.

Open standards, open source.

Our products and services work well together with ongoing support from staff!

Solutions from start to finish.

We provide the software, installation, integration, and setup you need to use our offerings.

Full software toolkit.

Our features and services are designed to help you solve hidden gaps in your digital ecosystem.

Advanced compression algorithms.

 Speed and efficiency are our focus so your data moves seamlessly.

Powerful catalogs.

Our system makes it easy to track down all your information.

Your data, your control.

You’re the boss. Access your data whenever you want with no strings attached.

We’re excited to read your application!