Accelerate Your Digital Transformations

Discover and transform your unknown digital assets
into valuable business information.


MiCore accelerates Digital Transformations, Migrations, and workflows.
Give structure to unstructured content.

Maximize the value of your unstructured content

Don’t lose the time invested in content creation and the valuable business insights you can extract out of created digital assets such as documents, presentations, graphics, email, audio, video and web content.


Content Discovery, Migration and Transformation of content  from any source to any target

AI Rules Engine for modelling and executing simple and complex transformations and enrichment of content

Data Process Automation (RPA) – Embeded  transformation rules within workflows for process automation

Content Transformation and Enrichment for cloud migration and web modernization

Consolidation of multiple content sources into a single integrated virtual view

Content Discovery with  legal, forensic integrity

Easily build composite applications with our headless CMS/DAM and open APIs

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Platform as a Service

The MiCore platform accelerates the transformation of content for virtually any source (Adobe AEM, File Share, Network drives, SharePoint, OpenText Content Server and any other WCMS, as well as websites) to virtually any destination.


Discover and catalogue your assets using smart, interactive visualizations to rapidly identify the location, state, and disposition of hidden valuable enterprise content.


Oproma’s semantic analysis engine identifies and extracts entities such as PII (Name, SIN, SSI, Credit Card), Date/Time, Email and much more.


Automate repeatable tasks easily and efficiently, leading to improved productivity and process consistency, leading to faster outcomes with fewer errors.

Natural Language Processing

Oproma’s MiCore Suite utilizes advanced NLP technology to understand the underlying context of the content.

Machine Learning (AI)

With Oproma’s AI engine, leverage Semantic Analysis, NLP, Automated Standards Compliance, and Entity Extraction to transform and structure your information.

Pattern Matching

Understand, visualize, normalize, and classify all your unstructured and semi-structured content into a single unified enterprise catalogue.


Accelerate Your Digital Transformations and Secure Your Digital Assets.

Find out how our software and platform ecosystem will help you visualize or share your digital assets and achieve your desired outcomes.

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