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CentralCollab is a highly secure digital assets sharing, and collaboration software as a service

The CentralCollab™ platform is a user-friendly, cloud-based solution that provides your organization and stakeholders, both internal and external, with a multi-workspace platform to support various types of project management through a single application.

All communications and files are encrypted using AES as approved by the Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC) and specified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Complies with the Government of Canada standards for Document Safeguarding and Electronic Data Processing and is a solution of choice for the Canadian Government.

  • Share files
  • Assign tasks
  • wHouse discussions
  • Share a calendar
  • ZAudit the activity


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Credentials Tutorial

Our bilingual Secure File Share platform gives employees, partners, and other team members the ability to collaborate and manage projects through a single unified application. Users can securely view and share documents, work on shared content, share a calendar, and communicate with team members within a Workspace – a centralized location within the platform.

Robust permissions allow Workspace Administrators to restrict access to sensitive information to selected members and groups to decide who can edit, view, and download data. Users have real-time access to documents and files that are uploaded, and all the content and metadata of these documents are fully searchable. Our Secure File Share platform supports encrypts all communications and files during transit and at rest, using the best Communications Security Establishment (CSE) approved cryptography to transmit, store, and protect client information. It provides various audit trail reports and complies with federal agencies standards for protection and processing of sensitive information.

You can preview files in multiple formats (images, office documents, PDF, etc.)

  • \Secure File Transfers

Encryption during transit & at rest.

  • \Custom folder structures

Build and deploy custom file plans.

  • \People

User & group management.

  • \Calendar

Event management with private & public calendars.

  • \Tasks

Create tasks and milestones.

  • \Reporting

Full audit trail and reporting.

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