Our Philosophy

The core of our philosophy is that YOUR DATA IS YOURS.

Our tools and services help you understand and share your content in a secure environment.

① Open Standards
(Open Source)

Our open standard policy ensures interoperability and collaboration between our different products and services, with ongoing support from our knowledgeable staff.

② End-to-end Solutions

We provide all the software, installation, integration, and set up required for you to start using our different offerings.

③ Software Toolkits

Our software features and services are designed as a tool belt focused on helping you solve undiscovered gaps in your digital ecosystem.

④ Advanced Compression Algorithms

MiCore uses best-in-class byte-packing and compression algorithms to minimize the transfer times and storage costs associated with analyzing large volumes of data. Typically, MiCore reduces the bandwidth cost of capture and extraction by 98%, and the storage cost of indexing by 66%.

⑤ The Power of our Catalogues

Through our cataloguing process, metadata representing information such as name, date, etc. is stored as a record. These records are machine-readable and are indexed by information retrieval tools that make it easy to find what you need, fast.

⑥ It’s your data

Too many vendors make it difficult or impossible to extract your data. The MiCore platform allows you to access and extract your data at any time – there’s no lock-in.


Accelerate Your Digital Transformations and Secure Your Digital Assets.

Find out how our software and platform ecosystem will help you visualize or share your digital assets and achieve your desired outcomes.

Success Stories

Dozens of satisfied customers with successful projects.

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