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Project overview

The project aims to address challenges faced by Canadian government departments in managing infrastructure projects, including complexity, geographical dispersion, and data security concerns. The solution involves implementing Oproma’s Secure File Share, a web-based collaboration platform facilitating encrypted file sharing, task assignment, and multilingual support. Oproma’s solution has successfully met government requirements, offering a centralized workspace for seamless collaboration among stakeholders globally. With over 20 years of experience, Oproma ensures compliance with federal standards and enables efficient project management, enhancing the delivery of infrastructure projects on time and within budget.

Government Of Canada
2001 - Present


Federal Government of Canada departments and agencies are required to maintain, expand and renew Canadian public infrastructure assets in Canada and worldwide by using recognized best practices in order to deliver projects on time and on budget. Challenges in meeting this objective include management of a large portfolio of sizable and complex projects, project partners that are geographically dispersed in Canada and worldwide, and multiple contributors and stakeholders within the departments and outside consultants. The security of project information and of internal IT networks is a major consideration.

The preferred solution needs to meet the following requirement: use of a web-based secure file sharing application capable of tracking multiple projects simultaneously, and their associated data, to collaborate and share encrypted electronic information with the various geographically dispersed stakeholders.

Departments and agencies are also obliged to respect the spirit and letter of the Official Languages Act. It is therefore imperative that any solution be fully bilingual (English & French) and provide fully bilingual services, including, training and support.

Solution – Secure File Share

Oproma’s Secure File Share Solution proves successful by exceeding all requirements and expectations of these departments and agencies. The secure web-based collaboration application brings together employees, partners, documents, tasks and conversations in one secure central location to share and exchange files, collaborate and manage projects.

The workspace is the centrepiece of the solution, where users from anywhere can view and share documents, assign tasks, share a calendar, discuss issues and much more. Users can create different workspaces for different teams with different objectives. Stakeholders in Canada and some 50 other countries around the world are collaborating efficiently and securely through a cloud application available from anywhere 99.9% of the time. Oproma’s cloud-based solution complies with federal agencies standards for protection and processing of sensitive information and provides comprehensive audit trail reports.

For more than two decades, departments and agencies have been managing and delivering large portfolios of complex infrastructure projects, on time and on budget using Oproma’s services.

Value realization

  • Rapid workspace deployment
  • Unlimited number of workspaces, users and disk space
  • Availability from anywhere 99.9% of the time, from anywhere
  • Ease of use and reliability
  • Bilingual interface and technical support
  • Bilingual Knowledge Base website
  • Customized, deployable Folder Templates
  • Granular folder permissions
  • Advanced Data Security
  • Privacy of Information
  • Audit Trail
  • Workspace archiving services
  • Agile Development

Business community

Over 900 Government agencies and business communities use Oproma’s cloud-based solution to securely share digital assets and collaborate on projects around the world.


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