We did an AEM transformation for Adobe.com, too! In this image, a desktop sits in a studio-style office showing Adobe.com.

Adobe.com AEM transformation

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Project overview

Adobe has re‐engineered AEM to provide its customer base with a more visually interactive interface. As such, the underlying template and component architecture has been updated, on a foundational level, in order to support the new interface. Adobe.com content, consisting of thousands of pages and assets, existed in an older AEM interface type (classic) and required a digital transformation to bring the entirety of the content and assets into the version of AEM. Adobe has engaged Oproma to complete additional project phases/transformation.


MiCore & AEM toolkit

Oproma, working closely with Adobe resources, helped architect and implement a solution, utilizing the MiCore AEM Toolkit, to perform real‐time digital transformation between Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) classic UI and AEM new visually interactive UI.

Value realization

  • Consistent and reliable digital transformation outcomes based upon easily defined and reusable business rules.
  • Fast and accurate of transformations.
  • Reduced exceptions through automatic remapping of links to new content and asset locations.
  • Ensures compliance with required organizational guidelines such as: content accessibility, etc.
  • Rules‐based normalization of metadata.
  • Ability to merge content from multiple sources in order to generate hybrid content and assets.
  • Automatic migration of any related assets into the appropriate target location.

Technical highlights

  • AEM classic UI to AEM
  • Automated link remapping
  • New visual structure
  • Content clean‐up

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