Is debris causing project delays and driving up costs?

A man leans against a window, a yellow circle behind him, talking confidently on his phone having managed his data debris.

All organizations have debris.

Also known as digital debris. This buildup of outdated, duplicate files spikes storage costs and risks to privacy and compliance. It’s common industry knowledge in IT that 80% of data is debris. Spread across servers and file formats, debris makes data management and decision-making difficult.

What is the cost?

If 80% of your data is debris, you’re paying 5X more for storage than you should be. There’s also the operational cost of wasting time to find the best data to make business decisions. And the opportunity cost of decisions based on outdated information.

Data debris comes with financial and legal risks, too. If your organization has an information retention policy, you could be liable for data that stays on your server too long. You could also be liable for unprotected personal information in a privacy breach.

The more data you have, the bigger the risk — and in our experience, most companies have more data than they think.

Accelerate IT with AI.

A man and woman walk through a hallway, gazing at a tablet and focusing on their work having managed their data debris.

Simplified structure is the solution.

Find all your data.
See what you have.
Clean the debris.
Structure the value.

Support IT with AI.

Does your IT team know which data holds business value?

If they’re unsure, our experts and AI can help. We find, assess, and structure reliable data for your business — and remove the rest. Migrate the value, integrate it, or use it for generative AI. Hold the debris.

A man and woman each sit at a desktop, sorting digital debris on their screens and looking focused. No more duplicate data!

If you’re unsure how much you have, contact our team.