PriviDox-protected information privacy & compliance.

Share and prepare large files with better security.

Guard against hacking, theft, legal risks, and fines.

Two techs review information security standards in the server room, blue circles behind them to represent PriviDox protection.

Next generation secure file share

PriviDox simplifies data transformations, encryption, version control, and analytics!

  • Improve PriviDox AI with expertise from Oproma’s data scientists.
  • Know that your data and PriviDox AI will stay your own!
  • Exceed Government of Canada security standards.
  • Empower a self-served, remote workforce.
  • Use forensically sound processes.
  • Complete just two hours of training!
  • Receive support day to day.
An analyst points to his screen, his supervisor over his shoulder. They look relaxed, confident in the protected information.
Case studies

Secure file share.

Government of Canada
Secure File Share

Fuel secure collaboration.

Main features

Base model

  • Large file uploads
  • Version control
  • File previews
  • Full-text and metadata search
  • File and folder sharing
  • File and folder subscriptions


  • Redaction
  • Law package production
  • File conversions
  • File publication


  • Detailed permissions
  • TLS encryption
  • 265-bit AES encryption
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • New device notification

Auditing & reporting

  • Audit logs
  • File event tracking

Technical support

  • 24/7 knowledge base
  • Email support
  • Telephone support


File upload

Load documents so they’re ready to work with immediately. Automatically extract and store metadata.

Automatic conversion

Convert Microsoft files to PDF while saving metadata. Just upload and click “Convert Document.”

Coding & tagging

Use standard coding fields for document review. Populate with metadata or manually.

Redaction & annotation

Redact and annotate documents with private information. Review, automatically redact, and export from one platform.


Export documents to a Zip file with a CSV of metadata and coding. You’ll need this to prepare and share disclosure packages.


Invite others to your Workspace and choose what permissions they have. Add guests for certain tasks. Create and navigate with a full activity trail.

A team in a boardroom faces a screen with data on it. The carpet in the room is PriviDox blue, showing PriviDox supports them.

Process makes perfect!

Make the most of it with PriviDox.

  • Discover all your data.
  • Clean it.
  • Structure it.
  • Make better business decisions.

Choose who will manage your data!

Our team, tools, and training are here to help.

  • Manage PriviDox yourself.
  • Train a trusted partner.
  • Power it with Oproma.

Is all your data protected?

Take control if you’re unsure.

Data debris comes with financial and legal risks. If your organization has an information retention policy or unprotected files with personal information, reach out.