Secure Document Share & Review Platform

Empower and Engage a Remote Workforce

Next Generation Secure File Management

The Prividox™ Secure Share platform allows employees, partners, teams and other stakeholders to collaborate and manage projects through a single unified application.

  • 5Large File Uploads
  • 5Version Control
  • 5Granular Permissions
  • 5Two-factor Authentication (2FA)
  • 5Advanced Data Visualizations
  • 5Multiple Workspace Management
  • 5Data Encryption
  • 5Reporting / Analytics

Work Remotely, Work

Securely. Work Smarter.

Digital Review Platform

Prividox is a secure self-serve, review, redact and production platform. Using forensically sound and defensible processes, Prividox makes it easy to work with electronic and scanned records. Quickly convert your email and electronic files to pdf then review, redact, and produce. Simply, all the power you need.

Main Features

  • Base Functionality
  • NLarge File Uploads
  • NVersioning Control
  • NFile Previews
  • NFull-Text & Metadata Search
  • NFile & Folder Sharing
  • NFile & Folder Subscriptions
  • Specialized
  • NRedaction
  • NLaw package production
  • NFile conversions
  • NFile publication
  • Security
  • NGranular permissions
  • NTLS encryption
  • N265-bit AES encryption
  • NMulti-factor authentication
  • NNew Device Notification
  • Audit & Reporting
  • NAudit Logs
  • NFile event tracking
  • Technical Support
  • N24/7 knowledge base
  • NEmail Support
  • NTelephone Support


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