MiCore managed debris for large organizations.

MiCore does more than save storage, operational, and opportunity costs with AI.

A man and woman talk happily in the office, each with a green circle behind them, having managed data effectively with MiCore.

Delete data debris and structure the good stuff to improve:

  • Data quality
  • Data migration
  • Data integration
  • Search and retrieval
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Data sunsetting

Keep the value, lose the liability.

  • Get 5 days of SWAT training from our integrated working team for setup and ongoing use.
  • Improve MiCore AI with expertise from Oproma’s data scientists — and quality source data.
  • Receive support as you make the most of your data day to day.
  • Know that your data and MiCore AI will stay your own!
A blurred image shows the lights of a server, shining as green and white circles, representing managed data by MiCore.
Case studies

Digital Transformations

DocCloud AEM Transformation
SharePoint Migrations
Content Server Migration

Feed decision-making with MiCore’s features and tools.


  • File migrations: Discover, catalog, and classify in a single view.
  • Information access: Manage requests for Access to Information, diligence, and discovery. Securely review file redactions, mediation, approval, and delivery in one platform.
  • Web migrations: Analyze content and assets across all your websites. Determine the difficulty of your web transformation. Migrate data and reassign links to any platform.
  • Discovery & insights: Discover, normalize, and custom classify data in one catalog. Check on company content, key metrics, and usage patterns.
  • eDiscovery requests: Quickly respond to diligence and discovery requests.
  • OpenText (GCDocs): Manage and automate migrations for OpenText Content Server (OTCS).
  • Microsoft Sharepoint: Discover and migrate content from sources including SharePoint sites.
  • Microsoft Exchange: Discover, normalize, classify, and extract all email data, including attachments. Check on company content, key metrics, and usage patterns.
  • Microsoft 365: Discover, normalize, classify, and extract all email data, including attachments.



Collect structured content and debris from different sources: file shares, email, document management systems, servers, and more.


Use with Analyst to create a custom taxonomy and automatically classify content.


Get a unified view of your organization’s content in one catalog. Check how it’s doing with key metrics and usage patterns.


Adjust data from a catalog or Analyst. Customize, create, modify, and act on catalogs.

Professionals in a meeting smile as they discuss their goals with MiCore, from data integration to web transformation.

Process makes perfect!

Make the most of it with MiCore.

  • Discover all your data.
  • Clean it.
  • Structure it.
  • Make better business decisions.

Choose who will manage your data!

Our team, tools, and training are here to help.

  • Manage MiCore yourself.
  • Train a trusted partner.
  • Power it with Oproma.

Planning a migration or integration?​

Don’t bring your debris to the Cloud.

The larger the business, the more the debris. Get your head in the Cloud with clean assets only. If you don’t know what’s in your data, take control.