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Adobe digital experience transformation

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Project overview

Adobe recognized that content within the organization exists in a variety of different repositories, requiring authors to have in‐depth knowledge for specialized tools to create and update it.

Adobe began an initiative to take the valuable information, owned by groups such as technical marketing, Adobe Global Services (AGS), customer care, training, and the documentation teams in an effort to standardize a process for authoring.



Oproma, working closely with Adobe resources, helped architect and implement a solution, utilizing the MiCore AEM Toolkit, to perform multi‐directional real‐time digital transformation between Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), XML Dita, WordPress, HTML and Markdown.

Value realization

  • Consistent and reliable digital transformation outcomes based upon easily defined and reusable business rules.
  • Fast and accurate of transformations.
  • Reduced exceptions through automatic remapping of links to new content and asset locations.
  • Ensures compliance with required organizational guidelines such as: content accessibility, etc.
  • Rules‐based normalization of metadata.
  • Ability to merge content from multiple sources in order to generate hybrid content and assets.
  • Automatic migration of any related assets into the appropriate target location.

Technical highlights

  • AEM to Markdown
  • HTML to Markdown / AEM
  • XML DITA to Markdown / AEM
  • WordPress to Markdown
  • Markdown to AEM

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